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About Us

Colibri Associates is a company that recently started in South West Florida, but is available to help any business around the world! Our name "Colibri" is the symbol and attitude that we can offer anyone or any company. We chose the name Colibri for our company because it was the perfect fit. To fill those in who may not know the story of the Colibri, it is a Latin American folk tale that symbolizes strength, courage, perseverance, positivity and relentlessness. Before we go any further, let me fill you in on the story of the Colibri!!!

The story of the Colibri is not only a story of the characteristics mentioned earlier, strength, courage, perseverance, positivity and relentlessness, but an encouraging analogy to help those who feel "small", understand that even if they may be small, they are still good enough to "do their share"! We at Colibri Associates, understand that even the "small" guys matter and that their involvement in the world and in the areas around them are just as important as the "big guys"! Colibri Associates is here to help prove that, by not only doing our share, but helping others do their share!

Our Mission

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We are here to accomplish doing our part, and assisting you with accomplishing yours!

How can we assist?

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