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If you are aware and know of Bio-char, Welcome! However, if you are not aware of what Bio-char is, then please allow us to introduce you to a newly recreated important technology for have healthy crops and plants, year, after year, after year! Believe it or not, this process for keeping soil healthy and full of the nutrients it needs to have crops and plants grow, has been around since the ancient Amazonians! Their method, was similar but also different! The ancient Amazonians had a technic called "slash-and-char" this method was done by using bio material and crop remains that were then cut and set on fire, but were then buried. This allowed the material to smolder instead of burn. The final product, was a charcoal like substance that would then be used to regenerate the soil with nutrients. 

Bio-Char, is quite similar but just a bit different. To create Bio-Char, the first step is collecting a large amount of bio-mass (vegetation, wood waste, etc. ) then heating it to almost 1000° Fahrenheit, oxygen is limited in the process for the purpose of not having the bio-mass combust. This leaves behind a stable carbon structure, very similar to the ancient Amazonians. The difference is that the reformulated way of creating bio-char, mainly from the higher levels of heat, make bio-char an EXTREMELY stable carbon that has an exponential amount of pores, these pores create a large surface area from a tiny amount of carbon. This biochar is a optimal breeding ground for beneficial soil microbes. This benefits by holding both water and nutrients, where plants need them most, in the roots. The whole purpose of this bio-char is to regenerate the soil, so that it is capable of planting crops again and again. 

One of the best attributes from bio-char, is that instead of this biomass going to the landfill, decomposing and releasing greenhouse gasses, bio-char is put back into the soil where it is able to keep that carbon there, for hundreds and possibly thousands of years. Bio-char is actually emerging as one of the best combatants against greenhouse gasses to date.

Give bio-char a go and see the results. From the research we have done, we have seen a 10% increase in the plant growth using bio-char, compared to the non-biochar soil. However, the best news is that the soil that was mixed with biochar, was able to be used again for planting and not have to be replaced. IT STILL HAD NUTRIENTS. Biochar is a saving grace for all those who deal with wanting to keep their soil healthy year after year, and produce a larger yield.

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